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On July 3rd, Queen Victoria of Great Britain receives a request from Confederate president Jefferson Davis to aid his army in Gettysburg to defeat the union. With a little hesitation, Queen Victoria declares war on the United States and sends over British soldiers from Canada and her naval fleet over to the east coast.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C, president Abraham Lincoln and his cabinet are deciding on what to do about Great Britain's war declaration. Three ideas are brought up by Lincoln's cabinet.  Hannibal Hamlin's idea was to attack the naval fleets and block trade routes to Britain, Andrew Johnson suggests to attack Canada and to stop fleeing slaves that were running up to Canada, and the final idea suggested by Gideon Welles was, to ask Britain's enemies to help them.

Lincoln stepped out to think about which decision he would make. 10 minutes pass and not a word is spoken until Lincoln stepped back in to the room and finally made his decision.

But what did he decide?

Created by Scotty Gaither.

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