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With the Coalition of Southern Germany and France in deep trouble as the Allied states of Austro-Hungary and Northern Germany invade, the British and Russians, threatened by a powerful Germany, simultaneously declare war on the Allies in August, 1885. Britain sends ships and troops to the North Sea, invading Schleswig-Holstein. The Russians invade Galicia, in Austria.

The Allies are stunned, and are caught in the same situation that the Coalition were two months ago. The Germans are forced to move troops up to defend Hamburg and Bremen, allowing the French to push them out of Alsace-Lorraine and into Cologne. The Austrians, too, are caught, and lose Galicia in a matter of days while trying to move troops from Southern Germany. The Bavarians now rise up with a vengeance, defeating the Austrians at Augsburg, Nuremburg and Dachau. Munich will fall in days. 

The Austrians try to regroup, but cannot fight a two-front war. Salzburg falls after Munich, and the Dual Monarchy is within days of surrendering, when they receive a huge surprise.

The Italians are no fonder of the French than they are of the Germans, and they don't want a potentially hostile sharing of a large border with them. As Salzburg is falling, they declare war on the Coalition and send troops through Austria into Bavaria. The pressure is taken off Austria as the Italians smash northward through the South. With one front no longer in danger, the Austrians turn around and brutally crush Russian armies at Zilnia and Krakow.

The Germans, too, are fighting surprisingly well. Despite fighting a two-front war - with a third to open soon, against Russia - they manage to throw back French assaults on Cologne and British assaults at Hamburg, though Bremen is abandoned. By January of 1886, the war is now in a stalemate.

But in Britain, public discontent is rising with the war, which was thought would end much sooner. The people see no reason for the war; it has nothing to do with Britain, and now the war looks like ending in a futile stalemate ...

The government attempts to quell discontent, but eventually, the only democracy involved in this war will have to do something.

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