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Map 1970

Map of the Indian Subcontinent in 1790. In the next decades, the British are kicked out.

In this timeline, monarchies such as the Maratha empire, the Sikh empire, Oudh, Assam, Bengal, Mysore and some others kicked out/defeated the British and Europeans simply traded with India. These monarchies would have reached the fate of becoming republics around the 20th century just like in Europe. Today, India would have been at least five countries that would have been one of the most developed countries in the world. Afghanistan would claim part of real-world Pakistan since Pakistan wouldn't exist either. Roughly most of the world except South Asia stays the same. South Asia looks like another Europe.

Turning point

  • British lose territory in Bengal early on.
  • Maratha wins the Anglo-Maratha wars.


  • India would be divided into a number of ethnic states, probably several dozen, divided generally by language. 
  • The Suez Canal would not have been built, at least not by the British. 
  • Britain and Japan might not have clashed in World War II, meaning that a US oil embargo that resulted in Pearl Harbor might have been very different.
  • Pakistan wouldn't exist. Pakistan was a result of a Muslim majority in the northwestern newly-independent India.

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