It is 1774 in America. Most of the colonies are angry at Britain and begin to prepare to fight a war of independence. Britain, not wanting to lose her colonies, decides not to pass the Quebec Act of 1774. In 1775, the colonies are given representation in the British Parliament. This lessens support for a rebellion, but one happens anyway. Due to less support, however, this rebellion is crushed at the Battle of Long Island, where most of George Washington's force is defeat or captured.

In Quebec, French-speaking colonists were angry at Britain for suppressing their religion and culture. A small rebellion occurs, but is very limited. It is quickly crushed as troops coming from Rupert's Land and America fight in the war.

With these rebellions ended, any hope for American or Canadian independence is ended for at least the next 20 years.

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  • Due to keeping the American colonies for another 20 years, Britain expands in North America, eventually establishing Louisiana.
  • The American Revolution succeeds during the Napoleonic Wars. However, America is not formed and the nations of New England, New York, Piedmont, and the United Confederation are created.
  • The American states do not trust each other and several wars break out between them during the 1800's and 1900's. However, during a couple of wars they fought in an alliance against the British.

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