United Republic of Great Britain
Timeline: Mughal Glory

OTL equivalent: UK without Northern Ireland
Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800)
Flag of Britain
Great Britain (orthographic projection)
In the green

God and my right (English)

Anthem "God Save the King"
Capital London
Largest city London
Other cities Glasgow
  others Gaelic, Welsh
Protestant Christianity
  others Catholic Christianity
Demonym British
Government Constitutional Democratic Kingdom
Prime Minister David Cameron
Established 1946
Organizations United Nations

Britain, officially known as the United Republic of Great Britain, is a bastion of republicanism. Its colonial empire expanded gradually and came to include all of Southeast Asia except for East Timor and the Philippines and land from Cape Town to Cairo. It won the First World War unscathed. However, after being occupied and humbled by Nazi Germany, in which all members of the royal family except for Prince Edward, who was crowned king by the Nazis and was executed for treason by Free British Forces, were slaughtered, Britain became a republic. With the help of the Marshall Plan, it rebuilt itself. However, with Gandhist protests beginning to occur in its colonies, Ulster was given to Ireland in 1947 and all British colonies were given independence by 1960. It declared war on Fascist Spain and Portugal in 1961 and NATO soon followed. By 1962, the Republic of Spain was given control over Castile, while the nations of Aragon, Basque, and Catalonia, amongst others, were made. In the 1980s, an Argentinian invasion of one of the last remnants of British colonialism, the Falklands, was invaded by Argentina. The Falklands War ended in a British victory, proving Britain to be a power.