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Boudica fights Suetonius and succeeds in driving out the Romans. Britain rebuilds and becomes strong again, keeping the Druidic religion and Celtic values. Women inherit kingdoms (queendoms). Trade is developed with Gaul, as the Gaulois manage to throw the Romans out too. The British Celtic culture grows strong and prosperous. Its warriors succeed in repelling the invasions of the Danes and Angles and Saxons, giving up some coastal areas to them for trade, but keeping the large part of Britain Celtic. The Celtic languages are preserved.

There are many tribes across Britain however a few have risen to dominance

  • In the north the Briganti are in control
  • In the south the Atrebati are in control of the south coast
  • In the midlands the Catuvellani are in control
  • In the east a joint Iceni and Trinovanti tribe rule.
  • Wales is controlled by several tribes but the Deceangle control the major religion and Druidic training base of Anglesey
  • Scotland is controlled by the Caledonii.

All tribes have a chieftain who has a place in the parliament of Britain. The parliament is ruled over by a high chieftain and two of the elder Druids. the high chieftain is elected from the parliament by the tribal chieftains, the Druids are chosen by the high council of Druids in Anglesey.

The high chieftain is elected every four years and cannot be elected more than three times.

The elder Druids are elected every five years by the high council. However, both places are not elected at the same time, although the election on new druids happens every five years, each druid is elected one year apart. Druids can be elected no more than five times.

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