In 1783 King George and the British Parliament do not recognise America's independence, but they do not send any more fleets or armies to attempt to reconquer the former colonies either. However, two years later in 1785 the British return with a vengeance and an aim to crush the rebellion once and for all.

The beginning

In 1783 the last British troops left the shores of America in defeat. The British refused defeat and decided not to recognise independence. As the British did not send any more men, this didn't bother the U.S, anyway. They lived in peace for two years, not knowing that the British would return.

The return

March 1785, British fleets began to storm the ports of Virginia, the citizens had no idea who they were, but the Union Jack was raised at the port side and the town was poured with blood. Killing, shooting, plundering were made, houses were burned right to the ground and children were either captured or killed with the rest of the people. With the capture of the port, British troops moved into innerland, plundering all Americans. The towns and cities were razed to send a message across the country declaring that they were back. More fleets arrived, small militia were unable to do anything - they simply became the victims like everyone else. The attack was so swift that Washington never received the message until it was to late.

The burning of Washington

The British regular army marched forward toward Washington DC, aiming at capturing the American government.