Shortly after World War II, the Italian monarchy is abolished. The Kingdom of Italy turns into a Republic, but the new President is corrupt and the new government is unstable, causing many parts of Italy to hold a vote if they want to leave Italy. Most of the population of these areas agree to leave Italy, and soon, with most of Italy's land gone, Italy falls into debt. The government eventually falls with numerous new nations emerging. Most of these new nations eventually become internationally recognized. The break up of Italy affected the world greaty.

List of Italy states from the time they succeeded

Vatican City/Papal States

Vatican City was never part of Italy, but when Italy broke up the area around Vatican had a referendum to join Vatican, 69% Voted to Join Vatican Forming Papal States. The Capitol is East Rome(Split with Republic of Rome)

Empire of San Marino

San Marino was never part of Italy.During the chaos San Marino secured land around San Marino, a referendum in the occupied land happened to officially join San Marino, 61% Voted to join.Forming the Empire of San Marino. Capitol is San Marino.

Republic of Venice

Venice, always wanted to leave Italy, had a referendum, 89% voted to become a independent Country, forming the Republic of Venice. There Capitol is Venice

Republic of Genoa

After Venice Left, Genoa decided to leave to seeing the Italy government as corrupt and weak. A referendum passed with 79% Voting to become independent. Forming Republic of Genoa.

Kingdom of Savoy

The Old Italy royal family from the House of Savoy came back to Savoy and were welcomed to open arms, a referendum happened with 87% Voting to become independent forming the Kingdom of Sa voy. Capitol is Turnin.

Duchy of Milan

With all of Milan's neighbors leaving, the government of Milan decided to have a referendum to leave the weak unstable government of Italy. 70% Voted to become independent forming the Duchy of Milan. Capitol is Milan.

Communist Republic of Naples

With the Italy weak with most of it's land lost Naples decided to have a referendum to. 69% Voted to be independent, Forming the Communist Republic of Naples. Capitol is Naples.

Socialist State of Bari

With Italy falling into Chaos Bari decided to have a referendum, 73% Voted to become independent forming the Socialist State of Bari. Capitol is Bari.

Union of Sardinia Sicily

With Italy turning into Anarchy Sardinia and Sicily decided to form a Union and have a referendum. 78% Voted to become independent, Forming Union of Sardinia Sicily.Capitol is Palermo and Cagliari.

United Countries of Central Italy

With Italy very small and in chaos most of the tiny areas of Central Italy decided to Join together and have a referendum, 71% Voted to become independent forming United Countries of Central Italy. Capitol is Modena.

Republic of Rome

With all of Italy gone Rome, and the area around it decided to change there name to Republic of Rome. Capitol is West Rome.(Split between Papal States)

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