Crossing Over

1959: Germany, enraged at the Treaty of Honolulu between Japan and its enemy the United States, begins to withdraw troops and forces from Japanese occupied Asia, which actually frees up a large amount of soldiers to return home. These returning soldiers soon arrive back in their homes to the surprise of friends and loved ones, and a baby boom begins, boosting the German population. The boom will continue on for several years before finally slowing down.

The USA, seeing that its plan to drive the Axis apart is beginning to work, reaches out to Japan and suggests forming local puppet governments and forming its long wanted East Asia Co Prosperity Sphere. Japan sees the good in this idea and several of its mainland possessions are re-organized into several new puppet states, and they are the Kingdom of Indochina, the Republic of Sumatra, the Kingdom of China, and the Kingdom of Outer Mongolia.

With these new puppet states created and being allowed a large amount of control over there internal affairs, the amount of resent begins to slowly lessen in the new nations, which is great for Japan because then it will need less troops to hold them down. It is, however, decided that one of these new nations must become a full-fledged willing ally at some point, as that would mean less Japanese soldiers would be needed because no troops would be needed there, and that country could provide troops to replace Japanese soldiers in the other lands. As of now, however, it is undecided.

The Italians, Texans and Confederates meet in Rome, and halfway though the conference it is agreed to move it to Berlin, and invite the Turkish and German leaders to attend. This will be known later as the Rome-Berlin Conference, and it will last several weeks until finally the details are hammered out, admitting Texas and the Confederacy into the Axis Powers and bringing more equality among the leaders of the five nations in the formation of the Emergency Council, which will be made up of every nations head of state to discuss issues and current conflicts that confront the Axis.

1960: The USA continues cozying up to Japan, and it also begins planning on re-uniting the USA, with most concerns based on the Confederacy and Texas.

The 1960 Presidential Elections take place between President Richard Nixon and Democratic Candidate Robert F Kennedy. The race is close, but with the creation of the television several years before and the fact most families now have one in there home, the debates are televised, which bring the younger looking Kennedy the extra votes he needs to win the election. The key issue in the race was Foreign Policy, a thing on which Nixon refused to move on.

Hitler applauds the election of Robert Kennedy to the American Presidency, and he invites the President-Elect to visit the Reich after he is inaugurated. Robert agrees, as closer German-American relations will make war less likely.

1961: Robert F Kennedy is inaugurated as the 34th President of the United States of America, and at his inauguration ceremony there are three notable figures, Adolf Hitler's sister, Paula Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Japan's Emperor Hirohito. The appearance of these three people makes the inauguration have very tight security, but thankfully for the international community, no one is harmed and no attempts are made.

With his inauguration, President Kennedy agrees to meet Hitler in Berlin in 1962, as current issues are occurring in both of there nations that need to be handled.

The Axis Alliance officially expels Japan from its ranks, making Japan on its own, or at least for now. With its loss of the Reich as an ally, Japan begins realizing America's previous actions were in hopes of gaining an alliance, and Hirohito begins planning to form one with the United States.

The Reich officially annexes Norway into the Reich as well as ceding some lands in Africa to the Union of South Africa, which for the past 13 years Hitler has sent many undesirables, which South Africa treats quite well. The Final Solution had actually been halted ten years ago. Over the years this has added up into 7.3 million white immigrants, which feeling there superiority to the blacks, help the current white regime stay in power just by being there. Currently the South African population is 12 million black, 18 million white. After Hitler sees that fact he suggests to his puppet to "dispose of the blacks within your territories, and it soon begins, but not against Jews or anyone from the white race, or even Indian race, but a genocide of the blacks in South Africa begins which will take several years until finally the region is clear and mostly European. The project is kept quite secret.

1962: Adolf's son Wolfram celebrates his 13th Birthday, and it is celebrated lavishly in the Führer's palace throughout three days and nights. Wolfram receives many gifts, but most importantly is a speech by his father to the people of Germany, and the world, in which he declares Wolfram as his successor after he dies, making Wolfram the next leader of the Third Reich. Thankfully Wolfram is nothing like his father when it comes to his racist policies, and although he wants to be leader of the great Reich, he sees that all people, at least those of Eurasia and the Americas, are equals, and that the Aryan people are not superior to any other Eurasian cultures. When he ascends to the Führership in a few years, it will forever affect global diplomacy. It also makes him a tempting target for those who want power in the future, and several people try to influence him, but being a smart lad, he sees this and ignores them.

The USA's President, in keeping his promise to visit Hitler in Berlin, arrives in Berlin just before Wolfram's celebration, in hopes of providing a good image of the USA, and so he brings his own children, with his daughter Kathleen Kennedy, and since both are around the same age, the two begin to grow a friendship, and several photos and videos are shot of the two playing together, which make brilliant propaganda and help warm relations between the Reich and America, with Hitler even granting Kathleen her own room in the Führer's palace, and she is allowed to stay for almost a month before she has to return home, over time this will have very dramatic, and somewhat good effects.

However, the meeting between Hitler and RFK is much different, with very intense diplomatic talks being made. Eventually it is agreed to have German forces pull out of Pennsylvania, New York (minus New York City and Manhattan Island) and New Jersey and allowing them to return to the United States and in return the USA will officially recognize the remaining states as the Union of American States and to have the Americans stop there talks of alliance with Japan as well as sign a non-aggression pact with the Texans and Confederates. These terms are secretly made a reality when the Hamburg Accord is signed by both men, and the next day German forces withdraw from the designated states.

With the accords signed, it will be noted as a political victory by both sides in the future, but as of now no one knows about it except for the non-aggression pact and the withdrawal of Germany. This also allows more troops to return home to Germany, making another baby boom.

08 Breaching the Atlantic

Getting There

1963: The Japanese secretly test there own nuclear device in the mid Pacific, and it destroys several ships nearby in the blast, and it is declared a success by the Emperor, who orders massive nuclear buildup, ushering in the Cold War, with America declaring neutrality. Japan also begins showing off its new might to rebel leaders, promising them their lands will be obliterated before freed, this quickly silences most rebel causes, but a few nuclear blasts soon crush those too, making Japan begin a massive military build up, as it sees land in the America's as ripe for the taking, and some plans to invade Cascadia and British Colombia begin to be made.

The Third Reich orders even more nuclear buildup to keep ahead of Japan, and the V4 is tested, launching the Führer 1 into orbit around the Earth. This ushers in the Space Race, with the Americans joining in later years.

The USA sees the atomic power as a sign of danger, and massive funding begins going into making there own nuclear devices, although secretly. Rocket research also begins based on the V3.

1964: Japan begins researching its own rockets, and are set to have launched by 1964. And in a memorable speech by an ailing Emperor Hirohito, it is declared that "by the end of this decade, Japan will have landed a man on the moon, claiming it as her own". Adaption of stolen V4 designs begins for the Japanese Space Program. Troops begin assembling in Hawaii in preparation for war against the Californians, as Cascadia is too cold to fight in year round.

Germany declares it will beat Japan to the moon, and that the Reich's banner will rest on its surface forever.

The USA launches its first satellite, the Washington I, and when Japan and Germany see this, they begin to tighten security and up spy missions in the USA.

1965: The Führer meets once again RFK, with both agreeing to try and warm relations between the long time enemies.

Wolfram turns 16, and another lavish party is celebrated, with the Kennedy daughter and Wolfram overjoyed at seeing each other again. The young Wolfram soon invites her to stay for a few weeks, which she does, bringing detente between the Nazis and Americans to its lowest point ever.

Japan launches the Hirohito I, and it carries two Japanese men, who take scientific tests before landing safely in the Pacific Ocean and returning to Earth as heroes, at least in Japan.

1966: A solemn thing occurs in the Third Reich when Adolf Hitler dies of natural causes in his palace, leaving Wolfram in charge of the country at 17 years old. He immediately makes a week of mourning everywhere across the Reich, with heads of state from all over the world arriving at the funeral, with over 50 leaders attending. Japan sends no one.

Young Wolfram soon begins to relax some of his father policies, and he even gives up some of his powers to a newly reformed Reichstag, which has representatives from all over the Reich, including the former Soviet zone. They are allowed to make laws for the nation, but they are subject to the Führer's approval. This act will, however, provide a great change in German actions, and it begins to regress from totalitarianism to a form of Constitutional Monarchy, although it will take years until it can be truly called that, it will be a good and steady form of partial democratization.

With the Soviet zone even getting representatives, the fact that they now actually have a say in the Reich makes them less prone to revolt, not to say they all stop, but they do drop in numbers very quickly after the announcement is made. Wolfram also plans to redistrict the Soviet land, as one large province isn't very efficient.

1967: Wolfram Hitler turns 18, and upon his birthday he offers marriage to his childhood and adolescent friend, Miss Kennedy, who accepts, and although she is only 17, the RFK family approves overwhelmingly as the two genuinely like each other and it will provide massive increases in American-German relations since the President's daughter is married to the leader of the Third Reich. 

The United States completes its own nuclear weapon, and detonates it in the Pacific Ocean about 100 miles from Hawaii, causing Japanese-American relations to plummet, and many Americans begin demanding the reunification of America so they can fully stand up to Japan.

With the nuclear blast going off, the nations of Cascadia and California both agree to fully unite with the USA, with all becoming states in the Union including Alaska. In response to this sudden expansion the Republic of Texas officially joins the Confederacy, making it much large and extending it the Pacific Ocean.

Japan launches a rocket carrying a man into orbit, and this will excelerate the Space Race as well as tensions even more than they were before the launch. Germany will have there own man in orbit within a few months.

1968: Germany officially ends its embargo with the USA, and trade begins flowing again between the two nations.

QUETO secretly signs an alliance with the Confederacy, admitting it as a member and signaling the move of the CSA away from Reich and toward other nations. The Confederacy begins attempting relations with Japan as well, offering to help there Space Program accelerate in return for being placed under the Nuclear Shield.

This move by the Confederacy into the Japanese camp signals the formation of two major alliances, on one side there is the Reich and Italy and there puppet states, which are slowly but surely moving closer and closer toward the United States. And then you have the Japanese and the Confederacy, and by extension QUETO.

These two sides will continue to slowly polarize the world, for better or for worse.

Germany shows its plans to launch a space mission to the moon to the Reichstag, and it begins to slowly leak to the general public.

1969: Germany launches its first manned mission to the moon from North Africa, and after 36 hours the Third Reich's flag is planted on the Lunar Surface, giving Germany victory in the Space Race. This promotes national celebrations and May 6th is declared a National Holiday all over the Reich as Lunar Day.

The United States launches several satellites into orbit which are able to send communications around the world instantaneously, and dozens more will be launched in the upcoming years.

Japans puppet government in China begins experiencing much dissent as thousands begin protesting the Japanese influence. While no violence has broken out yet, this makes the Emperor back in Tokyo call for troops to be sent into China in order to "keep the scum down". 

The USSR breaks ties with the United States for becoming so close with the Germans, and begins talks with the Japanese about uniting there space programs in order to reach the moon faster.

1970: Germany and the USA enter talks once more, with the hope of negotiating the Reich's withdrawal from New England. The talks take several weeks, but finally it is agreed that in return for Germany's withdrawal, the USA will stop funding the Mexican resistance and the Mexican rump state. With the signing of the Treaty of Hamburg, this is agreed upon, and New England is freed of German forces.

With the American withdrawal of money, advisors, and supplies, the Mexicans are left confused and without any weapons of there own, and wide open to the Confederacy, which begins secretly sending spies into Mexico and funding there infiltration of the Mexican government.

In Latin America, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia sign the Treaty of Lima, forming the United Nations of Latin America (UNLA). This forms a union of both economic and military partnership between the members, and by the years end Paraguay will also have joined.

Map of Eine

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