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Coat of Arms of the Brazilian Royal Family

The Brazilian Royal Family is the group of close relatives to the monarch of the Kingdom of the United Provinces of Brazil. There is no strict formal or legal definition in Brazil as to who is or is not a member of the royal family, and different lists will include different people. However, those carrying the style HRM or His (Her) Royal Majesty and HRH or His (Her) Royal Highness are usually considered members. By this criterion, the royal family usually include the monarch, the monarch's consort, the widows of former monarchs, the children and male line grandchildren of the monarch and former monarchs, the children of the eldest son of the Crown Prince of Brazil, and wives or widows of children and male line grandchildren of the monarch or previous monarchs.

A branch of the Portuguese Royal Family that broke bonds with Portugal in 1821, the members of the royal family belong, either by birth or marriage, to the House of Braganza mainly. Typically, members use the household name as a surname, or in the case of inter-dynastic birth, the name of the two houses to which they belong.

Differently from other royal families, the dynasty is not solely passed by male-line. The monarch inherit the household from his or her parent (or grandparent and so on) who was the reigning monarch previously, king or queen. For example, Queen Elisa Regina's children belonged all to the House of Braganza, even if her husband and consort, King Frederik, was from the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau and by the standards of other monarchies their children would be Orange-Nassau, not Braganzas, because he was a man.


Marco II
King of the United Provinces of Brazil and Perpetual Defender of the Brazilians
Reign 14 April 2002 – present
(14 years)
Born 13 May, 1979 (1979-05-13) (age 37)
Birthplace Palace of Alvorada, Brasília
Predecessor Raoni of the United Provinces of Brazil
Heir-Apparent Miguel Lorenzo of Braganza
13 March, 2010 (2010-03-13) (age 6)
Consort Alice, Queen Consort of the United Provinces of Brazil
Offspring Prince Miguel Lorenzo of Braganza
Royal House House of Braganza
Royal motto Sob o Manto da Pátria
(Under the Fatherland's Mantle)
Father Raoni of the United Provinces of Brazil
Mother Carlota Buarque de Siqueira

In the Kingdom of the United Provinces of Brazil, differently from most of the European monarchies, distinguishing who is a member of the Royal Family is easy due to a conjunct of legal and formal definitions of who is or not a member.

The Royal Family is divided into Core Family, Outer Family and Extended Family.

The Core Family is always formed by the Monarch, his or her Consort, the Monarch's children and grandchildren, the monarch's siblings and their children. Aside from the Monarch and the Consort, they are all titled Royal Princes/Princesses of Brazil, except for the heir, who is titled Crown Prince/Princess of Brazil. It also includes the Queen Mother.

The Outer Royal Family includes the Monarch's uncles and aunts, cousins and their children and consorts of previous monarchs, as well as monarchs who have abdicated.

The extended Royal Family includes who do not hold the title of Prince or Princess of Brazil, but Prince or Princess of their houses or do not hold a title anyway. They are the descendants of the current or previous monarchs' grandchildren.

In a simple way. The Royal Princes and Princesses of Brazil (HRH) are children and grandchildren of the current and previous monarchs. The Princes and Princesses of Brazil (HH) are the children of second generation Royal Princes or Princesess. The Princes and Princesses of the House are the first-born child of a Prince or Princess of Brazil.

This is the list of current members of the Brazilian Royal Family (Core Family):

(Bold: Royal-born; Normal: Married with a Royal; Italic: Royal-born or Noble-born married with a Royal).

  • HRM Marco II, King of the United Provinces of Brazil
  • HRM Alice, Queen of Brazil (King's consort)
    • HRH Miguel Lorenzo, Crow Prince of Brazil (King's son)
    • HRH Julian Veridiana, Royal Princess of Brazil (King's daughter)
  • HRH Klaus, Royal Prince of Brazil (King's brother)
  • HRH Eduardo, Royal Prince of Brazil (King's brother)
  • HRH Annabelle, Royal Princess of Brazil (King's sister-in-law)
  • HRH Heitor, Royal Prince of Brazil (King's brother)
  • HRH Hinata, Royal Princess of Brazil; Imperial Princess of Japan (King's sister-in-law)
    • HRH Yasuo, Royal Prince of Brazil; Imperial Prince of Japan (King's nephew)
  • HRH Elisa, Royal Princess of Brazil (King's sister)
  • HRH Felipo, Royal Prince of Brazil (King's brother-in-law)
  • HRM Queen Mother Carlota (King's mother)

(Other Family):

  • HRH Mariana, Royal Princess of Brazil, Duchess of Niss (King's aunt)
  • HRH Tobias, Royal Prince of Brazil, Duke of Niss
    • HRH Amara, Royal Princess of Brazil, Countess of Alva (King's cousin)
    • HRH Mauro, Royal Prince of Brazil, Count of Alva
      • HH Lucas, Prince of Brazil (King's second cousin)
    • HRH Liann, Royal Prince of Brazil (King's cousin)
  • HRH José Carlos, Royal Prince of Brazil (King's uncle)
  • HRH Ana Julia, Royal Princess of Brazil
    • HRH Aquiles, Royal Prince of Brazil (King's cousin)
    • HRH Eros, Royal Prince of Brazil (King's cousin)

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