The Brazilian Institute of Reformation or simply the BIR is an institute founded in 1965 by Marcos Oliveira, its headquarters is located in Rio de Janeiro. This institute was to originally rebuild and reform Brazilian cities, but it expanded into global level, the BIR now has activity in 10 countries.

Brazilian Institute of Reformation
Founded 1965
Headquarters Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Industry Reformating and rebuilding

The institute of BIR

Currently, BIR's president is João Sarmento. BIR is currently operating at 19 countries.

Rebuilding Brazil

After the Imperialist victory in the Brazilian Civil War led by Marcos Oliveira, the Brazilian Empire was created and Marcos was crowned as the emperor of Brazil. Marcos Created the BIR to rebuild and reform the destroyed cities of Brazil by the nuclear and civil wars. (WIP)


World map showing countries with BIR installations: Dark Green = Brazil , Light Green = other countries