The brazilian civil war was an internal conflict that occurred from 1963 to 1965 in Brazil right after the war, after the fall of the Brazilian government, groups were formed, they battled each other to the end to see which group would take the control of Brazil.


São Paulo during the Pluto-Imperialist attack

The Civil War

First Year

Brazil (orthographic projection)

Brazil before the nuclear war

When the old Brazilian government fell, the only one who ruled in Brazilian land was the chaos, as various groups were created to take the control of Brazil, they began to battle each other to take territories and influence. It was formed 5 groups: The Imperialist Solution Group, the Brazilian Anarchy, the Plutocratics, the Brazilian Armed Forces and the Brazilian Republic Restoration.

The BRR-BA Alliance

The Brazilian Armed Forces began to heavily attack the Brazilian Republic Restoration and the Brazilian Anarchy, they knew that to defeat the Brazilian Armed Forces, they needed to make alliances and pacts to crush the Brazilian Armed Forces. Republicans and Anarchists don't have anything in common, but to survive the war, they simple needed to make this alliance. Great marches to the Amazon (the Brazilian Armed Forces were realocated to the Amazon when the war of Kennedy began) were made by the alliance, decreasing the armed forces territories in the Amazon.

The Great Pluto-Imperialist Invasion

Marcos Oliveira, the ISG leader, created a plan to attack and finish the plutocratic influence over their territories. The Plutocratics only had the territorial cities of São Paulo, Curitiba and Belo Horizonte. In August 6, 1963, the Imperialists attacked all the plutocratic cities at once, various mercenaries died, other defected from the war, and other were arrested. The Plutocratics surrended three days later from the attack.

Second Year

Brazil-civil war map

Brazil during the civil war

The second year of the civil war was the last year of the war, this year was marked by the march of the Imperialists to the south and north of Brazil. With the Brazilian Armed Forces falling, the Imperialists march to the north, and conquer many lands.

Imperialist March to the Amazon

With the BAF still weak by the attacks of the republicans and the anarchists, the Imperialists began to march against the Brazilian Armed Forces in the Amazon, in only one month, the Imperialists annexed much part of the Armed Forces territories. The Armed Forces surrended and the Imperialists made a treaty with them, All of the BAF territories will be annexed by the Imperialists except for the old Brazilian State of Acre (The Imperialists made this treaty to show their army power to the other groups).

Republic betraying

The Republicans and the anarchists destroyed the Brazilian Armed Forces, so the anarchists celebrated the victory but the Republicans prepared an attack over the anarchist territory because someone needed to win the war, and they knew the anarchists couldn't win it. They attacked Teresina (main city of the anarchists), completely ending the group and ensuring the Republican territory over the North-East Brazil.

Rise of the Imperialists

After the Imperialists destroyed the Armed Forces, and the Republicans ended the Anarchist territory, the Imperialists attacked Porto Seguro (City near the Imperilist territory), and in 5 days, annexed it to the Imperialists, this continued over months until the Republicans finally surrended ending the war.


Brazilian Empire 1828 (orthographic projection)

Brazil after the civil and nuclear wars

The Imperialist Solution Group won the civil war, founding the Brazilian Empire and putting Marcos Oliviera as the Emperor of Brazil. The Brazilian capital was set up to be Rio de Janeiro. Marcos created the Brazilian Institute of Reformation or simply, the BIR, to help rebuild Brazil as it was before the nuclear war.

The Groups

Imperialist Solution Group (ISG)

The ISG was a group formed by civilians and some military, their objective was to restore the Brazilian Empire and rebuild the destroyed Brazilian cities. They controlled most part of the southeast Brazil. Their biggest enemies were the Plutocratics and the Brazilian Republic Restoration.

Brazilian Anarchy (BA)

The Brazilian Anarchy wasn't organized as the other groups, still civilians with weapons could call themselves as soldiers (with those soldiers, the group could defend and attack). The main enemies of this group were the Brazilian Armed Forces, the Republicans were enemies of the anarchists but they had to form an alliance to defend from the Armed Forces attacks.


The Plutocratics were a group of rich people, some well-paid workers and a large army of mercenaries, their objective was to Control Brazil and estabilish a plutocratic system in the country. They were easily defeated by the huge army of the ISG. The Plutocratics controlled old state capitals of Curitiba, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Their biggest enemies were the Imperialist Solution Group, the Brazilian Anarchy and the Brazilian Republic Restoration.

Brazilian Armed Forces (BAF)

The Brazilian Armed Forces was a well-organized military group formed by the ex-militaries from Brazil before the nuclear war. Their biggest enemies were the Republicans and the anarchists. They had territories on the Amazon, because right after the declaration of war from the US to the Soviet Union, the Brazilian government sent most part of the country army to protect the wood from the Amazon to prevent other countries to steal the wood to produce weapon parts and other things.

Brazilian Republic Restoration (BRR)

The Brazilian Republic Restoration or simply the Republicans, wanted to restore the republic of Brazil. Their biggest enemies were the Imperialists and the Brazilian Armed Forces, the anarchists were their enemies but they had to form an alliance to protect from the Armed Forces. They had territories on the North-East Brazil.

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