Brazilian Africa (Port: África Brasileira) was a Brazilian colony in Africa between 1894 and 1967, when it was conquered by Zululand. Stretching roughly between the southern border of Portuguese Angola to the northern border of South Africa, Brazilian Africa (also known as Southern Angola or Lower Angola) was one of the minor foreign colonies in Africa during the 20th century. With a capital at Salvador da Africa, the colony provided minimal returns on the Brazilian investment and a very minimal population. During the 1930's, the cash-strapped Brazilian government considered selling the colony to France, but found no interested parties within the French government. In 1966, the new Zulu nationalist government launched an invasion into Brazilian Africa, capturing Salvador da Africa, and the Brazilian counteroffensive was largely unsuccessful, resulting in a year-long guerrilla war by the Zulu against occupying Brazilian forces. The Treaty of Salvador da Africa in December of 1967 ceded the territory fully to Zululand in return for minor reparations and exclusive trade rights in all of Zululand, rights which were never recognized. The embarrassing defeat of the Brazilians in the Zulu-Brazilian War is regarded as one of numerous factors leading to the fall of the democratic government in 1974.

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