The Brazil Transport Affair was the title given to the secret negotiations between US President Nelson A. Rockefeller and the governments of West China, Van Diemenia, Germany, and Brazil. Rockefeller resigned before he was impeached and was succeeded by Hamilton Norris, who was also involved in the affair. Norris was impeached, and Alexandra Ferraro won the subsequent emergency election. The seven subsequent investigations exposed that Rockefeller had aided Brazil smuggle its corrupt dictator Raul de Carrera and infamous drug lord Carlos Valdez out of Brazil during the Brazilian Revolution and into Russian-controlled West China after Norris completed secret agreements with the nation that involved selling large amounts of nukes to West China under the disguise of German trade ships. The plot was uncovered by combined efforts from East China and the Incan Empire. In 2012, the United States revealed that Russian then-businessman Alexander Lukashenko funded the smuggling operations and bribed government officials in all countries involved to conduct the operation. Lukashenko, in actuality, made massive gains by marketing Valdez's illegal goods, which ranged from drugs to arms, in countries in Indochina and Africa. Lukashenko quietly escaped capture by world government and presumably went into hiding in his native Russia.

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