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Timeline: World War 3

OTL equivalent: Brazil
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Brasília
Largest city São Paulo
Other cities Rio de Janeiro
Language Portuguese
  others Catholicism
Ethnic Groups
  others Portuguese
Demonym Brazilian

Brazil is one of the nations that were allied with Russia during World War 3.



Although not having direct relations to Russia, the terrorist group known as The Deviants had connections with the Brazilian terrorist known as Bruno Morán. At the time, Bruno was Brazil's most wanted criminal and was wanted for murder, kidnapping, and arms dealing. One of Bruno's clients was the leader of The Deviants and Russia's most wanted, the Russian known as Vladimir Kozlov. With the two terrorist now allied, Brazil was plunged into a state of crime. Eventually, American forces sent several agents, disguised as new members of Kozlov's gang, to Russia so they could capture Kozlov. By joining his gang, the Americans were forced to kill many innocent people during one of Kozlov's attacks. Kozlov killed the American agents, knowing they were spies, causing Russia to become infuriated with America, starting WW-III. With Kozlov's power growing in Russia, Bruno's power grew in Brazil.


Eventually, Brazil was allied with Russia due to Kozlov and Bruno's power. When this happened, American forces infiltrated Rio de Janeiro to try and capture Bruno. Their was a shootout between the Americans and Brazilians, with most of the Americans being killed due to there being more Brazilian troops. However, Bruno was eventually caught and was forced to give the Americans important information on Russia's plans. After this, Brazil was forced to severe their alliance with Russia, cutting down Kozlov's power. Rio de Janeiro was later the victim of a bombing raid by Russia for revealing concealed information. Three years later, when WW3 came to an end, Brazil was allowed to rebuild and was cleared of all links to Kozlov and Russia.

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