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This is a profile page for the country of Brazil and its successor states as a part of US Civil War (Map Game).
Flag of Empire of Brazil (1870-1889)

Flag of Brazil

Basic Information

  • Official Name: Brazilian Empire
  • Conventional Name: Brazil
  • Official Local Name: Império do Brasil
  • Citizen Adjective: Brazilian
  • Adjective Plural: Brazilians
  • Abbreviation: BRA
  • Government Type: Constitutional monarchy
  • National Capital: Rio de Janeiro
  • Empress: Isabel I
  • Population: 10,000,000
  • Largest City: São Paulo
  • Location:OTL Brazil, Uruguay and parts of Bolivia
  • Currency: Real (pl. Réis)

Past Emperors

  • Pedro II (1840-1882)

Administrative Divisions

  • 20 provinces and a Neutral Muncipality


  • Imports: PENDING
  • Exports: Grain


  • Languages: Portuguese, Spanish
  • Religion: Roman Catholic

Foreign Relations

  • Alliance: Peru, Paraguay, Prussia
  • Enemy:PENDING


  • Wars: Bolivian War (1870-1873), Brazilian-Uruguayan War (1878-1880)
  • Independence from Portugal: 1822

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