Brazil, officially the Empire of Brazil, is one of the two only nations in the American continents other than the United States of America (and numerous French colonies in the region) It is the first and one of the largest exile states yet it went through little turmoil and grew to become a powerful empire. The country occupies half of the southern part of the Americas, yet has a very large, but diverse population.

At its height, it held many colonies in Africa (Portuguese East Africa, Angola, Portuguese Congo) and Asia (Ceylon, Maldives, Portuguese East Indies, numerous ports in the Middle East). Yet during the 1840's-1970's, the country was divided over the issue of slavery. Thankfully, the events in the United States that peacefully ended it helped Brazil do the same thing. Yet many blacks were discriminated in society, and by the 1940's, the Brazilian Civil Rights Movement forced the country to grant them their wish.

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