Empire of Brazil
Timeline: Quietly into the Night

OTL equivalent: Brazil
Flag of Empire of Brazil (1870-1889) Coat of arms of the Empire of Brazil
Flag Coat of Arms
Empire of Brazil 2
Empire of Brazil

Independência ou Morte! (Portuguese)
("Independence or Death!")

Capital Rio de Janeiro
Largest city Sao Paulo
Other cities Salvador, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Manus
Language Portuguese
Roman Catholic
  others Native Religions
Ethnic Groups
Portuguese, Italian
  others Spanish, African, Native Tribes
Demonym Brazilia
Emperor Pedro II
Prime Minister Marquis of São Vicente
Area 8,515,767 sq km
Population 9,930,478 (1872 Census)
Independence September 26, 1983 (de facto); September 12, 2005 (De Jure)
Currency Real

Armed Forces


  • Service Weapons
    • Service Rifle: M1870 Belgian Comblain Falling Block Rifle
    • Service Revolver: S&W Model 3 Revolver


The Navy operates several dozen ships ranging from river monitors up to armored battleships. There are 10,000 personnel serving in the Navy on ships of various types.

List of Ships

  • Battleships
    • Sete de Setembro (1874-Present): 1
  • Frigates
    • Amazonas (1852-Present): 1
  • Ironclad Warships
    • Brasil (1865-Present): 1
    • Tamandaré (1865-Present): 1
    • Barroso (1866-Present): 1
    • Colombo (1865-Present): 1
    • Lima Barros (1866-Present): 1
    • Silvado (1866-Present): 1
  • Monitors
    • Pará-class (1866-Present): 6
      • Pará (1866-Present)
      • Rio Grande (1866-Present)
      • Alagoas (1867-Present)
      • Piauí (1868-Present)
      • Ceará (1868-Present)
      • Santa Catherina (1868-Present)
    • Bahia (1866-Present): 1

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