Empire of Brazil
Império de Brasil
Timeline: Here we go again
Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
  others Spanish
Monarch Maria I
Prime Minister José Serra
Area area km²
Population population 
Independence from Portugal
  declared 1808
  recognized 1820
Currency Cruzeiros


Portuguese Rule

Napoleonic Wars

Emperor Bonaparte made D. John and his family leave Portugal in 1808, but the Brazilian people didn't like it and declared the independence, later in that year. Portugal then declared war to the new-born Republic of Brazil (that later would become a monarchy).Brazil won the war, that lasted 15 months causing chaos.That made the president Marcos Paulo da Silva invest on public Health and Schools.

Empire and member of the Commonwealth

Slavery Controversy

Invasion of Uruguay

World War I

World War II


Modern Times

Government and Politics

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