Empire of Brazil
Empire du Brésil
Timeline: French Brazil

OTL equivalent: South America and Eastern half of Panama
NeoBrasil BrazilCoA
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Brazil

Liberté et la gloire (French)
("Glory and Liberty")

Anthem "Royal Fanfare (royal anthem)
Chanson d'Amérique (French)"Song of America" (national anthem)"
Capital Vitopolis
Largest city Henriville
Other cities Buenos Aires, Santiago, Montevideo, Lima, Caracas, Ville du Panama
  others Spanish, Portuguese (special status)
Protestant (Huguenots) (mainly Church of Brazil)
  others Native American Sects, Roman Catholic
Demonym Brazilian
Government Constitutional Parlamentary Monarchy
  legislature Imperial Senate (Upper House)
Chamber of Deputies (Lower House)
Emperor of Brazil Vittorio Francesco V
  Imperial House: Savoy-Susa
President of the Council of Ministers Pedro Bonifácio
Established Henriville Foundation - November 10, 1555
Madrid Treaty - 1560
Independence from Kingdom of France
  declared July 5, 1720
  recognized September 20, 1730
Currency Brazilian Cross
Organizations United Nations

The Empire of Brazil is a nation that occupies South America and is one of the World Superpowers.

Colonial Years

See: France Antarctique

Independence and early years

See: War of Brazilian Independence

XIX century

XX century