This is a profile page for the country of Brazil and its successor states as a part of Axis vs Allies (Map Game).
  • Flag of Brazil (1889-1949)
  • Flg of Brazil (1840-1889/1949-)

Basic Information

  • Official Name: Brazilian Empire (1889-1949; Federative Republic of Brazil)
  • Conventional Name: Brazil
  • Official Local Name: Império do Brasil (1889-1949; República Federativa do Brasil)
  • Citizen Adjective: Brazilian
  • Adjective Plural: Brazilians
  • Abbreviation: BRA
  • Government Type: Parliamentary monarchy
  • National Capital: Rio de Janeiro
  • Emperor: Pedro IV
  • Prime-Minister: Víctor Paz Estenssoro
  • Population: 53,000,000
  • Largest City: São Paulo
  • Location:OTL Brazil and Bolivia
  • Currency: Cruzeiro

Past Presidents

  • Getúlio Vargas (1930-1947), Eurico Dutra (1947-1949)

Past Prime-Ministers

  • Eurico Dutra (1949-1950), Getúlio Vargas (1950-1953), João Goulart (1953-1957), Juscelino Kubitschek (1957-1961)

Past Emperors

  • Pedro III (1949-1953)

Administrative Divisions

  • 30 states and 2 territories


  • Imports: PENDING
  • Exports: Grain, Uranium


  • Languages: Portuguese, Spanish
  • Religion: Roman Catholic

Foreign Relations

  • Alliance: Mexico, Yugoslavia, Colombia (non-aggression pact)
  • Enemy:PENDING


  • Wars:War of the Triple Alliance (1865-1870), Bolivian-Brazilian War (1938-1940), Brazilian-Paraguayan War (1944-1947), Brazilian Civil War (1949)
  • Independence from Portugal: 1822

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