The Electorate of Brandenburg is a state in the Holy Roman Empire. It is in personal union with the Crown of Aragon. Brandenburg was a Luxemborugish vassal until the Rebellion of 1456 where the roles of Luxembourg and Brandenburg were reversed. Luxembourg recently gained independence. The current Prince elector is Willhelm II, who is also the King of Aragon.

Brandenburg was also a major driving force behind the Solidification of the Holy Roman Empire and also one of the drafting signatories.

Foreign Relations


This is for allies.

  • Austria: chief ally and also a trade partner
  • Aragon: in personal union
  • Saxony: ally
  • Bavaria: ally and trade partner
  • Venice: chief trade partner
  • Papal States: ally


  • Burgundy: Hostile activity


  • Northumbria: trade partner
  • France: trade partner
  • Scotland: seeking friendly relations
  • Portugal: seeking friendly relations

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