His Excellency
Branimir Tamerlan
Native name Brahma ud-din Muhammad Akbar
Born 8 February 1519
Died 24 January 1592
Residence Croatian
Occupation Patriarch of the Brothers of the Raven
Years active 5 April 1545-24 January 1592
Spouse(s) none officially, fathered illegitimate offspring with Dživa Gundulić
Children Manuel (Manu) Tamerlan
Theological work
Notable ideas Predestination

 Brahma ud-din Muhammad Akbar, known primarily as Bran is the son of Mirza, last Timurid emperor of the Mughal Empire and the first Patriarch of the religious order of the Brothers of the Raven. Known primarily for his religious efforts in the Kingdom of Croatia (later the Tsardom of Croatia) and his promotion of education, he is one of the most influential people in 16th century Croatia. He was, due to being the owner of the crown of the Mughal Empire, the presumed final claimant to the Mughal Empire.



Taking inspiration from his father, much of Bran's opus contains poetry. Most poems contain petrarchistic elements and surprisingly, Slavic mythological elements (e.g. fairies). His final works had started showing early baroque elements. His works also include an epic poem telling the story of the Gentle Warlord also known as Petar Krešimir V during the first war against Hungary.

His philosophical work has caught interest of numerous Croat scholars, which led to Božidar II. collecting the numerous manuscrips, compiling them into one book used for research about the ideas of Bran.