Brúnnson of Brúnnland
King of Brúnnland
Reign November 19, 973 - May 12, 990
Coronation December 6, 973
Predecessor Seat established
Successor Harald I (Haraldine Faction)

Alvin and Dagh (Daghine Faction)

Consort Inga Kjelsdottir
Harald I

Olaf I

Eric I the Blue



Full name
Brúnn Brúnnson
House Brúnnson
Father Brúnn Sigfrothson of Northumbria
Mother Solvi
Born c. 940
Died May 12, 990 (aged approx. 50)
Brúnn Brúnnson (c. 940 - May 12, 990) was the first king of Brúnnland, a state established in northwestern Scotland following the annexation of the Danelaw in Anglia. Brúnnson was the son of Brúnn, himself the son of King Sigforth "The Last" of Northumbria. Sigfroth was overthrown by Anglish forces in 942. Brúnn died in approximately 950 after he and his family fled to Scotland. Twenty-three years later, Brúnn's son founded the Kingdom of Brúnnland, named after himself and his father.

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