Boyce Silvester Hornik (born 18 August 1974) is a Liberal Democrat politician, activist, diplomat, and newspaper columnist, who is currently the Member of Parliament for Ashfield. He also teaches and lectures on International Relations at Durham Univesity. Hornik is a regular writer for Huffington Post and The Observer.

Hornik is a member of the Liberal Democrats, and after supporting the party as an activist since the age of 13 and working as a member of the party's staff, he entered the political arena professionally, becoming an MP at the 2010 general election.

Early life and education

Hornik is the son of an Estonian father and a Finnish mother, both of whom settled in London. At the age of 15 he spoke to the London Liberal Democrats Regional Conference about the importance of the European Union. After attending University College School where he got two As (History and Geography) and a B (English Literature) , Boyce Hornik read International Relations at Trinity College, Cambridge and European Studies at Durham University.

Diplomatic service

Hornik began his diplomatic service as an envoy at the British Embassy in Moscow, being transferred within a year to the British Diplomatic Office to the United Nations where he served for seven years before again being moved to the British Embassy in Montevideo where he became Head of Staff.

Political career

Hornik worked at the Liberal Democrat HQ during the 2005 election and whenever he was in Britain and not at his embassy post he would make a habit of campaigning on behalf of the party. He failed to be selected as candidate for the seat of Leyton and Wanstead in 2009 and was successful in being selected as Ashfield candidate in 2010, where he won the election with a 3.9% majority.

All-Party Parliamentary Groups

Rank All-Party Parliamentary Group Tenure
Chair Slovenia 2010-
Chair Global Security and Non-Proliferation 2012-
Member Peak Oil and Gas 2010-2012
Member Dying Well 2011-
Vice-Chair Central Asia 2012-

Personal life

He is married with two daughters. Boyce's mother-in-law is currently the third-highest ranking woman in the British Navy.

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