The Bourbons were a dynasty reigning in Hungary. Originally, they were a cadet branch of the reigning house of France, the Valois.

Their true rise to fame, however, came in the 16th century, when after the won first French-Seljuk War the peace of Krems (Austria) in 1574 gave western Hungary to France. The king, Charles IX decided to put one of his relatives on the new throne. In return, the new king had to sign a document, forfeiting the right to the throne of France for himself and his offspring forever.

Bourbon kings

List of Bourbon kings of Hungary (Chaos)
Name Reign Comment
François / Ferenc I 1574-1615 father of elected king Louis / Ludwik of Poland. Also conquered the theocracy of Bohemia in the Bohemian-Hungarian War.
François / Ferenc II 1615-42 nicknamed "the impotent"
François / Ferenc III 1642-47 nephew of Ferenc II; also king Franciszek I of Poland 1636-42. Acquired Croatia, Slavonia, Transsylvania and the Banat in the peace of Györ following the second French-Seljuk War.
Charles / Károly IV 1647-64 Twin brother of Ferenc III
Charles / Károly V 1664-74
François / Ferenc IV 1674-1700 also king Franciszek II 1688-94; lost this throne during anti-French War
François / Ferenc V 1700-12
Charles / Károly VI 1712-1770 was suggested several times as king of France during the interregnum 1749-63.
Charles / Károly VII 1770-1800 Dragged the country into the French Republican Wars
Sigismond / Zsigmond III 1800-33 Great-grandson of Ferenc V. Inherited Austria in 1816 when the German dynasty died out
Dynasty died out, Hungarian Division followed

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