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In a freak chance of nature and timing, both main armies arrive in Iceland at the same time. This marks the beginning of the Battle of Iceland, which will be a major battle between the USSR and the US for the course of the war.

The battle rages back and forth for weeks, as each side tries to get an advantage. Not only that, but there is major naval combat as well, as the Soviet and American Navies try to cut off the others supply. The end of the year sees the battle in equipose, on the tip of a dagger. Either side could win, it is merely for the other to provide the push. Who will triumph in the battle of Iceland, and take the war to the other side? Will America triumph, and launch a solo D-Day against a greater Fortress Europe than they will ever know? Or will the Soviets triumph, and bring the revolution to the American mainland?

The Soviets win

The Americans win

Created by: Azecreth 20:09, February 16, 2011 (UTC)

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