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The Boston Wars

City of Boston


Kennedy's Army achieve a victory

  • Kennedy's Army
  • Southie Tribe
  • Dorchester Tribe
  • North End Tribes
  • Beacon Hill Tirbes
  • Fenway Tribes
  • James Kennedy
  • Markus of the Hills
  • Scott of the North
  • Saamm of the South
  • Lee of Fenway

800 men

280 men

Casualties and Losses
  • 300 men died of combat, weather, or starvation
  • 150 deserted

220 men


The Boston Wars, refers to the conflict between Kennedy's Army ( A New England Remnant) and several various tribes centered in the city of Boston. The tribes stood in Kennedy's way of control over Boston, as such he saw the need to destroy them.

First Battles

Showdown at Beacon Hill

Fighting in the North

Fighting in the South

Final battle at Bunker Hill

Result, Aftermath, and Legacy