Flag of BiH Second set of proposal 4

Bosnia | Republic of Bosnia | Ⱃⰵⱂⱆⰲⰾⰹⰽⰰ Ⰲⱁⱄⱀⰰ | Република Босна | Republika Bosna (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian)

Capital: Vribosna

Largest city: Vribosna (369,534)

Official languages: Bosnian · Croatian · Serbian

Ethnic groups: 48.0% Bosniak, 37.1% Serb, 14.3% Croat, 0.6% others

Religions: Catholic Christianity (58.1%), Orthodox Christianity (35.3%), Others (1.0%), Non-religious (5.6%)

Demonym: Bosnian

Government: Republic | Federal parliamentary

President: Željko Komšić

Prime Minister: Nebojša Radmanović

Legislature: Parliamentary Assembly

Upper House: House of Peoples

Lower House: House of Representatives

Independence (from SFR Yugoslavia): 1 March 1992

Area: 51,197 sq km

Population (2014): 3,871,6432

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Internet TLD: .ba

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