The Bosch Memorial Trophy (often referred to as the Bosch Trophy or simply the Bosch) is the most prestigious award in American collegiate football, awarded annually to the most outstanding player in the country since 1934. It is named after former Michigan player and Michigan State, Chicago and Ohio State head coach Jim Bosch, who was the starting back for Michigan's first-ever national title squad in 1908 and the team captain in 1909, and who won four national championships as the head coach of the Chicago Maroons in the 1930's.

List of Bosch Trophy Winners

The Bosch Trophy has been awarded annually since 1934, and as a result has been awarded to 77 players. The 78th Bosch Trophy will be awarded on December 8th, 2012 to the 2012 award winner.


1934: James Clay, HB, Chicago

1935: Larry Brohm, QB, Pittsburgh

1936: John Brackett, HB, Michigan

1937: Gary Garibaldi, HB, Wisconsin

1938: Sam Speedwell, TB, Aroostook

1939: Charles Keilhauser, QB, Princeton

1940: Jim Black, HB, Syracuse

1941: Paul White, QB, Harvard

1942: John Rhodes, HB, Yale

1943: Ned "Buster" Kopperall, HB, Notre Dame

1944: George Shea, QB, Princeton

1945: George Johnson, TE, California

1946: Barry Dymond, HB, Notre Dame

1947: Charles Schackley, QB, Michigan

1948: Don Bellamy, HB, UCLA

1949: Peter Singley, TB, Texas

1950: Aaron McCaullon, RB, Iowa

1951: Don Sifer, RB, Huron

1952: Robert Allan, QB, Huron

1953: Stewart Johnson, RB, Maryland

1954: Peter Drummell, RB, Penn State

1955: Roger Wyatt, RB, Sequoyah

1956: Roger Wyatt, RB, Sequoyah

1957: Lou Gold, RB, Louisiana State

1958: Sammy Green, RB, Aroostook

1959: Dean McKane, WR, Notre Dame

1960: Jack Shipley, RB, Southern California

1961: Danny Hoyt, QB, Maryland

1962: Jack Brantley, QB, Mississippi

1963: Vic Lafayette, QB, Huron

1964: Kenny Dorsett, RB, Sequoyah

1965: Tim Brave, QB, Texas

1966: Tony LaVell, RB, Pittsburgh

1967: Jim Cramer, RB, Ohio State

1968: Fred Johnson, RB, Notre Dame

1969: Sammy Cramer, RB, Ohio State

1970: Louis Feingold, QB, California

1971: Billy Custis, QB, Huron

1972: Darius North, RB, Washington

1973: Brad Peach, RB, Notre Dame

1974: Bill Pullman, QB, Michigan State

1975: Terrence Clark, RB, North Carolina

1976: Joseph Astley, QB, Texas

1977: Earl Campbell, RB, Texas

1978: Nicholas Tyson, RB, Nebraska

1979: Brett Walker, RB, Ohio State

1980: Lawrence Rogers, LB, Montana

1981: Mike LeMieux, QB, Louisiana

1982: Rick Roma, QB, Cuba

1983: Jake Lewis, QB, Texas

1984: Rick Johanssen, QB, Mississippi

1985: Ronald McSherry, RB, Michigan

1986: Jim Spencer, RB, Massachusetts

1987: Charlie Sheen, QB, California

1988: Kirk Fletcher, QB, Massachusetts

1989: Sugar Stevenson, RB, Louisiana

1990: Patrick Getts, QB, Pittsburgh

1991: Seward Samson, RB, Florida

1992: Damian Ward, WR, Maryland

1993: Dorsey Griffin, RB, Michigan

1994: Grant Strickland, QB, Oregon

1995: Eddie Roth, QB, Florida

1996: Richard Evans, RB, Tennessee

1997: Nick Cameron, QB, Washington State

1998: Desmond Pike, RB, Nova Scotia

1999: Andre Shipley, RB, Oregon

2000: Chris Leach, QB, Notre Dame

2001: Julious Everridge, QB, Mississippi

2002: Aaron Johnson, QB, Colorado

2003: Trent Johnson, RB, Huron

2004: Malcom Ross, QB, San Diego

2005: Brad Reese, QB, Sequoyah

2006: Vince Young, QB, Alabama

2007: Corey Parker, QB, San Diego

2008: Sam Cooper, QB, South Carolina

2009: Donald Brown, RB, Virginia

2010: Oliver Suarez, RB, Kahokia

2011: Patrick Dorsey, WR, Florida State

2012: Jake Scott, QB, Massachusetts


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