Borivoj III of Bohemia
Timeline: [[Premyslid Bohemia]]

3rd Emperor of Bohemia and Poland
March 28, 1379 - February 11, 1383

Predecessor Premysl Otakar III (Premyslid Bohemia)
Successor Vladislaus III
Born September 6, 1313
Died February 11, 1383
Religion Catholic
Borivoj of Pilsen
Timeline: [[Premyslid Bohemia]]

1st Duke of Pilsen
September 21, 1336 - March 28, 1379

Predecessor New Creation
Successor Margaret of Pilsen
Borivoj III of Bohemia was brother and successor of Premysl Otakar III, born on September 6, 1313 exactly six years after Premysl to Wenceslaus III by his only marriage to Viola of Cieszyn. He was first known as Borivoj, Duke of Pilsen, title was made by his brother as all other lands went to John the Blind as explained on Premysl's site. He spend most of his life in Pilsen. He sponserd building of Cathedral of Saint Bartolomew, he lived in Duchy House in Town Square. During First Poland Revolution he send help to his brother Vladislaus. Unlike hard handed Premysl he was more understandable and the foul names of his House disappeared for his reign, unfortunately still as Duke of Pilsen he got in way of Black Death and though he survived, the body damaged cause him to die from simple cough.