Boris Petrović-Njegoš
Boris of montenegro.png
Predecessor Nicholas II
Spouse Véronique Haillot Canas da Silva
Born 21 January 1980
Podgorica, Serbia and Montenegro State flag of Montenegro (Alternative 2014)
Religion Eastern Orthodoxy

Boris of Montenegro is the Prince of Montenegro and son of the current King, Nicholas II. He currently lives in France and works as a designer. Prince Boris graduated from the 2005 from the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs in Paris, one of the most prestigious design schools in all of France. During his studies, he was particularly involved in the creation of computerised typography. In case of an emergency, the succession to the throne will go to Princess Altinaï of Montenegro, the daughter of Nicholas II.

Politically, he supports creating a greater Serbia-Montenegro; and hopes his motherland annexes Vojvodina and regains control over the robust province of Kosovo. Despite his residency in France, the Montenegrin population looks up to him, specifically younger Montenegrins. He speaks fluent Montenegrin and French as well as English and Italian. He holds the Order of Petrovic Njegos, the Order of St. Peter and the Order of Prince Danilo I (Grand Cross).

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