Boris Alexeyevich Smyslovsky
Timeline: Giovinezza

Boris Smyslovky
Boris Smyslovsky in his Wehrmacht uniform

Commander of the 1st Russian National Army
March 10, 1943 – May 28, 1946

Born December 3, 1897
Terijoki, Grand Duchy of Finland
Died September 5, 1988
Munich, German Federation
Boris Alexeyevich Smyslovsky (also Smyslovsky-Holmston and Holmston-Smyslovsky) (3 December 1897 – 5 September 1988) was a Russian general, émigré, and anti-communist. His pseudonyms were Artur Holmston and von Regenau. He commanded the pro-Axis collaborationist First Russian National Army during World War II.