Boris Pugo

Portrait of Boris Pugo

51st Chancellor of the Russian Empire
December 3, 1984 – December 3, 1988

Predecessor: Mikhail Gorbachev
Successor: Boris Yeltsin
Political Party: Imperial

Boris Pugo was the 51st Chancellor of the Russian Empire. Pugo was elected riding on the massive popularity of the outgoing Mikhail Gorbachev. However, Pugo failed to continue Gorbachev's stance on privatization of utilities and became vastly disliked for not taking a stance against 1983 monopolization cases against Russian Electric (Электрический русский) and Ringing Bells (звон звонок). Pugo was the last Chancellor from the Imperialist Party, with his successor Boris Yeltsin starting a chain of Nationalist Chancellors.

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