Boris Molotov

Portrait of Boris Molotov

17th Premier of Alaska
January 30, 1992 - June 6, 2002

Predecessor Iosef Antonov
Successor Vladimir Putin

8th Leader of Liberal Party
April 10, 1987- September 19, 2002

Predecessor Gregoriy Faustin
Successor Yuri Sergeyev

Duma Representative for 79th Constituency
1969- June 6, 2006

Predecessor Pyotr Milonov
Successor Sergei Zoezhodstoniy

Secretary for Infrastructure, Interior Ministry
October 8, 1977 - September 20, 1979

Born February 13, 1932
Spouse Tatiyana "Tata" Molotova
Political Party Liberal Party
Profession Lawyer, Politician

Boris Mikhailovitch Molotov (Russ: Борис Михайлович Молотов) (born February 13, 1932) is a retired Alaskan politician and lawyer who served as Premier of Alaska between 1992 and 2002. He was a corruption lawyer for several years until he was inspired to run for the Duma in 1969 as a Liberal, in memory of his deceased father who died due to complications of injuries sustained in the Good Friday Earthquake.

As a member of the Duma, Molotov quickly emerged as a "New Liberal," focused more on reforming the structure of the Alaskan government to even the playing field as opposed to traditional liberal tenets such as social welfare, nationalization and wealth distribution. He became the leader of the Liberal Party in 1987 a few weeks after the party's surprising gains in the general election (gains attribtued to him) and he led the party towards the center and to a significant outmuscling of the powerful Reform and Socialist Parties that had dominated the coalition throughout the 1980's. Molotov became the public face of the opposition to the unpopular Iosef Antonov during the early 1990's constitutional crises and was voted in as Premier by the liberal coalition's leadership following the 1992 general election victory.

As Premier, Molotov focused heavily on restructuring and redesigning the Alaskan government through constitutional reform, but many of his more direct policies resulted in a crime spike in the late 1990's. Despite early popularity, his public image declined steadily during his late tenure and he was ousted in the 2002 general election by Vladimir Putin. Regardless, Molotov is credited with making the Liberal brand relevant once again and providing much-needed structural reforms to the Alaskan constitution and government.