Boris Borisovich Duschelenkov (4 July 1892 - 15 September 1947) was a prominent left-wing Alaskan politician, best known for being an avowed Socialist Party leader and one of its most prominent members in the Alaskan Duma. A protege of Socialist Party co-founder Maxim Faustin, he served a single term as President of the Duma from 1942 until 1943, presiding over the beginning of the Siberian-Alaskan War. With the rise in power of Yakov Sighovaryin and the Conservatives, he remained an outspoken proponent of peace with Siberia, but was accused and condemned as a Marxist seeking to overthrow the Alaskan government and unite the nation with Siberia. Duschelenkov was imprisoned by the Sighovaryin regime and died under uncertain circumstances in 1947. He is often cited by the Alaskan left as an example of a political prisoner assassinated illegally by Sighovaryin, although this charge is often contested by many Alaskan historians from both ends of the political spectrum.

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