The Borealian Civil War was a conflict in the Union of Borealia when the southern half of the nation attempted to declare independence as the New Republic of California. After California was declared in 1980, the fighting officially lasted from 1981-1983. It was the first real conflict fought on Borealian soil. It would probably have extended further if not for the combined aid from Borealia's allies in the Union of Borealia and Hesperia. In the process of creating a more centralized atmosphere in the nation, it also allowed for the gradual independence for the Republic of the Maldives. 


Kuban Crisis

New Republic of California

Early Phase of the War (1981-1982)

Evacuation of New Munich

Battle of New Munich

International Response

Battle of Klamath

Battle for the Pacific

Later Phase of the War (1982-1983)

Battle of Seripente

Maldiven Revolt

Battle of San Francisco

Battle of Amerigo

Siege of Kristallstadt

End of the War


Affect on the Kuban Crisis

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