Republic of Borealia
Hypothetical Alberta Blue Ensign Alberta coat of arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Grande Prairie
Largest city Lethbridge
Other cities Peace River, Fort Macmurray
Language English, French, Cree
Religion Officially Christian
Demonym Borealian
Government Social Democracy
Population 1,500,000 
Established 1962
Independence from Canada

15,000 Total Troops: 5000 active, 10,000 reserve, mostly army forces, limited air force, about 30 pilots and 40 mechanics, based mainly out of former CFB Cold Lake, now branded as BFB Cold Lake. A small navy mainly composed of patrol craft based out of Prince Rupert.

Uses l1a1 Self Loading Rifle as standard.

Navy is composed of recovered Canadian craft.

DD D59 Skeena 1940
DDE-205 St Laurent 1955
DDE-224 Algonquin
FFH-330 Halifax

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