One of the most popular and long-running series of films is the Bond series of light-hearted thrillers concerning the secret agent James Bond, a charismatic sex symbol with a "licence to kill" and the sobriquet 007. The following films have been made, with their years of release:

1962: Dr No.

1963: From Russia With Love.

1964: Goldfinger.

1965: You Only Live Twice.

1967: On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

1969: Diamonds Are Forever.

1971: Live And Let Die. After the murder of his wife, Bond visits revenge on Blofeld.

1973: Hildebrand.

1974: Motel Nymph. Sean Connery's last film.

1977: The Man With The Golden Gun. Roger Moore's first film.

1979: The Living Daylights.

1981: New York. Roger Moore's last film.

1983: Longitude 78 West. Pierce Brosnan's first film.

1985: From A View To A Kill. Drax attempts to assassinate Bond on a motorbike but is injured and loses his memory, then his hospital is bombed and he escapes with amnesia.

1987: Too Hot To Handle. Bond tries to stop Drax from threatening the world with lunar-based hydrogen cruise missiles. This was partly filmed in orbit.

1989: Berlin Escape.

1991: Property Of A Lady.

1993: Risico.

1995: My Enemy's Enemy.

1997: Zographos.

1998: Quantum of Solace.

2000: You Asked For It. This is a prequel to, and ends, the entire series.

Bond actors

Sean Connery played James Bond until 1974. Roger Moore then played Bond in three films until 1981. He was then replaced by Pierce Brosnan, who played the character ever since.


Artists who have contributed to the James Bond soundtrack include Duran Duran and Shirley Bassey.

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