República de Bolivia
Republic of Bolivia
Timeline: Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power
Flag of Bolivia (SM 3rd Power)
Flag of Bolivia
Bolivia location map (SM 3rd Power)
Capital: Sucre
Language: Spanish
Religion: Taoism
Type of government: Unitary presidential constitutional republic
President: Jessica Jordan
Currency: Boliviano

Bolivia is a nation in Amazonia. It is bordered by Namyangju to the west, Brazil to the North and East and Kōshi to the south.


Originally part of the Inca Empire, Spain managed to conquer part of the Inca on their own and by 1555, manage to create their colony, named Upper Peru at first. However soon Bolivia declared independence by 1800 as Spain was going through a crisis. By 1815, Bolivia and Kōshi got into a territorial dispute and in 1817 Bolivia declared war on Kōshi. Bolivia lost, and had to give a part of their land to Kōshi, in which Bolivia became landlocked ever since. Over time, Bolivia re-improved relations with Kōshi as well as Namyangju and Brazil.

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