Flag of Gran Colombia (1821)

The flag of the Republic of Colombia

Simón Bolívar, the liberator of much of South America, didn't dream of the modern South America like it is now. In fact, he thought about a loose federation of states, stretching from Costa Rica to Chile (the South American countries). Unfortunately, rising tensions between Perú, the Bolívar Republic, and Colombia, ruined his dream. What if they had accepted Bolivar's plan, and became the Federated Republic of Colombia?


The POD of this timeline is October 5 of 1816, when Camilo Torres, instead of being assassinated, was thrown into a jail in Cartagena, like Antonio Nariño was. This had the Federalist cause in Colombian politics remain stronger than OTL. After this, things go much like OTL until October 3 of 1821, when a much larger makeup of federalists in the Congress of Cúcuta have a different variation of the Colombian Constitution take place and Francisco de Paula Santander, and not Bolívar, named the President of Colombia, while Bolívar is named the Lord Marshall of Colombia (a military title with a huge government over the nation). Santander inaugurated a more federal republic taking in mind the wishes of the locals from across Colombia.

When, in 1823, Bolívar frees Perú, Santander sent an official letter, entitled A las Gentes del Perú (To the Peoples of Perú) suggesting them to join Colombia as another federal state, reassuring the aristocracy they'll be allowed to keep local power as long as it is mildly democratic. The Peruvians, reassured by Santander's skillful diplomacy, agree and join as the states of Alto and Bajo Perú.

About this Timeline

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This timeline was started specifically to celebrate the Colombian bicentenary (although Bolívar did his campaigns nine years after the Bicentenary).

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Atlas of Colombia bol

A map of the Federated Republic of Colombia with states, written on Spanish.

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