Duchy of Bohemia
Timeline: Bella Gerant Alii
Flag of Bohemia
Flag of Duchy of Bohemia
Location of Duchy of Bohemia

Capital Prague (until

Dresden (from

Largest city Dresden
Language German, Czech
Religion Protestantism
Ethnic Group German, Czech
Demonym Bohemian
Government Absolute monarchy
King of Bohemia
  Royal house: House of Podiebrad
Established 1198
Organizations Holy Roman Empire
The Kingdom of Bohemia is a sovereign state in the Bella Gerant Alii timeline. It owned territory both inside and outside the Holy Roman Empire.

It became officially Protestant during the reign of George Podiebrady and competed with Austria for control over land.


Bohemian Wars of Religion

The election of George of Podiebrady led to dissent amongst many Catholic nations in the Empire as Podiebrady was a prominent Protestant leader in Bohemia. Podiebrady and his successors changed the state religion to Protestantism without Imperial authority, prompting tensions with neighbours particularly Austria and Poland, both of whom wished to suppress the "Protestant heretics" before their ideas spread to their lands.

The first war led to the annexation of much of Bohemia's former territory by Austria and Poland. A truce was established until Henry IV of Bavaria annexed Austrian Saalfeld leading to a second war, during which Prussia also entered the war on the Bohemian side after officially converting.

Though aided by Bavaria and Prussia, Bohemia lost more lands to the Austrians and Poland annexed all Prussian lands to the east of its main power base. Additionally, the Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein declared independence from Prussia and joined the war against it.