The Boer Republics

The Boer Republics (1854 (Orange Free State) - 1856 (South African Republic) - present) is comprised of the united independent self-governing republics, the South African Republic (Transvaal Republic) and the Orange Free State. The Boer Republics has two national capitals, Pretoria in the South African Republic and Bloemfontein in the Orange Free State. The Orange Free State officially established its independence on February 23rd, 1854, with Orange River Convention in its future capital Bloemfontein, at the Green Lodge in the city. 2 years earlier, the territories north of the Vaal River in the South African Republic were officially recognized as independent with the Sand River Convention on January 17th, 1852. The territories and districts of the South African Republic, Potchefstroom, Lydenburg and Zoutpansberg, united on June 22nd, 1856 to form the South African Republic. The official language of the Boer Republics is Dutch with its minor languages being English, Sesotho, and Zulu. The South African Republic's first period of independence lasted 21 years, until the British Empire annexed it in 1871 with the Boers viewing it as an act of aggression and protested. 4 years later, after the First Boer War, the South African Republic regained its independence on March 23rd, 1881 with the Pretoria Convention. On April 14th, 1896, the South African Republic and the Orange Free State united to form the Boer Republics. The Boer Republics' independence was challenged again in 1900 with the Second Boer War (1899-1902), again by the British Empire. The 15 other member nations of the League of World Empires rushed in to aid the British empire in negotiations with the Boer Republics. On May 31st, 1902, the Treaty of Cape Town permanently granted the Boer Republics their independence. On February 23rd, 2004, the Orange Free State celebrated its 150th anniversary. On January 17th, 2002, the South African Republic celebrated its 150th anniversary. On April 14th, 2011, the South African Republic and the Orange Free State, celebrated the 115th anniversary of their unity as the Boer Republics. On May 31st, 2002, the Boer Republics celebrated the 100th anniversary of their independence.

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