Boer Republic
Boers Republiek (Afrikaans)
Timeline: Napoleon's World
800px-Flag of the Boer Republic svg 85px-Coat of arms of the Netherlands - 02 svg
Flag Coat of Arms
BoerRepublic Africa NW
Location of Boer Republic
Capital Bloemfontein
Largest city Port Natal
Language Afrikaans
Demonym Boer
Government Republic
  legislature Boer States-General
Deputy President
Established May 6, 1891
Currency Boer guilder

The Boer Republic (Dutch: Boers Republiek) is a nation in South Africa, located on the coast of the Indian Ocean and bordering Zululand and South Africa. The country was founded by Dutch-descendant settlers in the 1840's called the "Boers" and was officially established in 1891 with the unification of Natalia and the Orange Free State into a single entity, with parts of the Transvaal becoming incorporated as well. The Boer-South African War in 1943 resulted in the loss of much of the Boers' southern and western territory to their larger and more powerful neighbor, and their losing effort in the 1950 conflict with the United States resulted in the further diminishing role of the Boer Republic as a regional power, followed shortly thereafter by the forced annexation of much of the Transvaal by Zululand in 1961.

Despite this and the poverty of the country, the Boers have resisted efforts by South Africa to unify and incorporate them into their country, which has a sizable Boer minority. The Republic was the site of a mass expulsion of blacks from within the territory's borders both prior to and after the war with the Americans, which was internationally condemned and resulted in vast sanctions from several world powers.





International Relations

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