Boere Vrystaat
Boer Free State
Flag Boer Free State (VegWorld)
Map Boer Free State (VegWorld)
Official languages Afrikaans
Capital Johannesburg
Largest Cities Johannesburg: 1,021,000
Population 3,442,000
HDI 0.816 High
Nation formed 1857
Currency BFG (Boer Free Guilder (Gulden))
Our Timeline Equivalent Historical "Orange Free State" and the "Transvaal Republic".

The Boer Free State is a nation situated near the southern tip of Africa, just northeast of Good Hope. After the British gained possession of the Cape of Good Hope colony (now known as Good Hope), some Voortrekkers (Afrikaaner pioneers) migrated away and into new lands, where they eventually established their own nation. Boer Free State has the second largest European population in Africa after Good Hope. However, racial tensions still exist from various policies against the non-Europeans, including depriving them from voting until as late as 1972. Racism continues to figure largely into the picture, but things have improved substantially in the past 30 years.



69% Non-Vegetarian
31% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

46% Khoisan
43% Europeans (chiefly Afrikaaners)
07% Ethiopians (Sub-Saharan Africans) (chiefly Bantu groups)
04% others (Orientals, Indians, etc)


61% Afrikaans
34% Khoisan languages
05% others (Bantu languages, English, etc)


35% Christian
21% Protestant
08% Catholic
06% Quaker
30% Cathar
20% Non-religious
12% agnostic
08% atheist
13% various indigenous beliefs
02% others

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