Boer Map
After the Reorganization of Africa in 1996, the territory of South Africa was originally supposed to remain as one nation. Due to pressure from the predominantly Boer (white & Dutch/British) regions in Eastern South Africa and around Johannesburg. However, the United Nations Counsel on Africa allotted that group its own state: the Boer Republic (later renamed the Boer Free State in 2007). This nation, unfortunately, began re-implementing the policies of apartheid (eliminated in 1994) as soon as independence was achieved. The Cape Republic and many neighboring states strongly objected, and a task force was organized to invade the Free State in 2005 with the intent of replacing the government with a liberal one. This was later abandoned when it was revealed that the Boer Free State had spent almost all of its
Flag of Transvaal
resources on building a huge military, and that any attack on the nation would be prohibitive and extremely costly. Instead, an embargo on oil, raw good, finished goods, military supplies, and most non-essential good has been established by four of the five nations surrounding it (the abstention was by Lesotho, which believed its position was too weak to act in such a belligerent fashion). This has had little effect internationally, but has had the result of creating an extremely poor populace domestically. The Boer Free State has the second-weakest economy in all of Africa, preceding only the North Sahara Republic.


Prior to the onset of apartheid and the following embargo, the Boer Free State had one of the strongest economies in southern Africa. The vast mineral resources of Johannesburg and the Drakensburg Mountains guaranteed the industry of mining as a source of income, and many cities in the region were heavily industrial. With the loss of ability to export its goods, however, the Boer Free State has become one of the poorest regions in Africa.


Reorganized Africa

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