Robert "Bobby" Anthony Pinsarelli (born June 13, 1939) is a former American basketball coach who coached for 24 years (1974-1998) at the University of Kansas as the head coach of the Jayhawks, a team he helped make legendary. He is one of the winningest coaches of all time, has the second-most national titles of any coach in NCAA history (5, behind only Oregon's Leslie Kimball with 8) and was inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame within a year of his retirement, and the Robert Pinsarelli Basketball Arena in Manhattan, Kansas bears his name and his statue in front. Affectionately nicknamed "Pins," Pinsarelli was known for his intense but later cordial rivalry with the late former Notre Dame basketball coach Terry "Mac" McDermott, whose Irish the Jayhawks had a renowned rivalry with in the 1980's, especially during a period of eight years in which each program won four national titles apiece and the Jayhawks unfortunately went 7-2 against the Irish. Under Pinsarelli, the Jayhawks were at their zenith between 1989-1991, when they went to three straight national title games, losing only in 1991 to Arkansas State, led by Wallis James, the first black head coach to win an NCAA national title in any sport.

Pinsarelli retired in 1998 after winning his fifth national title, giving him one more than McDermott, former Indiana coach Bobby Knight, the late Georgia coach Lou Harken, and Stanford legend Richard Goldman.

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