220px-Bobby Jindal by Gage Skidmore 2

Bobby Jindal, President of the Republic of Louisiana

Bobby Jindal was the President of the Republic of Louisiana, the Soviet puppet state created from conquered territory won after the Fourth World War. Jindal's appointment was a cause of resentment in both Louisiana and the leftover Confederacy, as both areas were heavily white supremacist. However, there was no major rebellion; the Soviet Union made sure of that.

Under Jindal, Louisiana began exploiting the oil deposits off the coast of New Orleans, oil which was provided to neighboring countries, such as the Confederate States, Texas, and Mexico. This oil, neglected during the Fourth World War, allowed Louisiana to become one of the foremost countries in terms of the economy in the region.

Under Jindal, Louisiana joined the Havana Pact, an alliance of former Allied countries and the Soviet Union (albeit heavily Soviet dominated) determined to stop a fifth world war. As of 2013, the pact has held its purpose. Under the Pact, Louisiana sent troops to aid the USSR in the pacification of Germany, a process which continues to this day.

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