Robert Joseph "Bob" Dole (July 22, 1923 - June 12th, 1998) was the 41st President of the USA.

Election and Win

After many racists and hypocritical Americans had complained about then-President Jackson work and policies, Various false rumors broke out that Jackson had been doing illegal activities and did not deserve to be reelected, Many fled to the republican side after hearing these stories. On November 5th, 1996 Dole barely won the election.


On Friday June 12th, 1998 on his way to his motorcade After a speech to children at a elementary school in Indiana four gunmen, John Timothy Park, Jose Rodriguez, Mohammed Omar Jabbar and Patrick Dumas, shot several times at the Dole, missing him. While the President was taking cover, Dumas fired two more times hitting Dole once in the back and once in the head, killing him instantly. Dumas was shot and killed by secret service men immediately after the attack. Vice President Jack Kemp was sworn in that evening. The body of gunman Rodriguez was later recovered in a silver ford parked at a nearby Mall. Park and Jabbar were captured and arrested. Although Jabbar, Park, Dumas and Rodriguez were all members of a group that promoted Racial, Gender and LGBT equality and opposed Capitalistic views, The group did not approve of the killing and ban the two living gunman from re-joining.

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