Robert John "Bob" Daniels (born December 10, 1955) is the current Governor of California, serving since January 2011. In the closest election in California state history, Daniels defeated then-Lieutenant Governor Mark Francini by a margin of 0.2% of the vote, relying on moderate suburbanites, Hispanic and Asian-American immigrants, and rural interests to power him to victory in a Democratic-leaning state. As Governor, Daniels has initiated a series of ambitious budgetary reforms, and has clashed with powerful Bay Area public unions in his goal to eliminate California's deficits, revenue shortfalls and provide relief to its pension obligations, some of the largest in the nation. Prior to being elected Governor of California, Daniels was an intern for Vice President Robert Redford during the 1980 campaign and in the White House and spent twenty-six years in the California State Senate, serving as Minority Leader from 2003-2010, when he resigned his seat to be inaugurated Governor. He has a 41% approval rating in California and is expected to be challenged by former Senator Steven Spielberg in the 2014 Gubernatorial election.

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